Why did I create this course?

"Vado in o vado a?", "Vicino di o vicino da?", "Parto a o parto per?”


These are just some of the many questions about prepositions that my Italian students ask me every day.

To give a clear and complete answer to these questions, I decided to create a course dedicated exclusively to prepositions.

The course is divided into various categories of use: place, time, position and many others. 

I will accompany you throughout the following 50 lessons on your path to understanding the rules and learning the most frequently used phrases. You can watch the lessons when and where you want, and if you need a review  — just return to the topic that interests you most. Don't forget to take the quizzes to test everything you've learned. At the end of the course, you will know how to choose the right preposition for each sentence and you will have taken great strides in upgrading the quality of your Italian.

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You will learn to choose the right preposition for each sentence and your Italian will make a qualitative leap!

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You will learn to use prepositions correctly, and you will speak Italian confidently and fluently!

  • More than 50 lessons will explain - once and for all - how to use prepositions.

  • You will find lots of quizzes and exercises to test your learning level.

  • The contents are organized by category of use: place, time, position and many others.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Messaggio dalla tua insegnante

  • 2

    Le preposizioni

  • 3

    Preposizioni che rispondono a "dove?"

    • Introduzione.

    • Le preposizioni con i verbi: essere, abitare, vivere

    • Le preposizioni con i verbi: essere, andare, venire

    • Le preposizioni con i verbi: venire, partire e tornare

    • Quiz: le preposizioni con i verbi

    • Le frasi: "Un mio amico di..." e "dalle tue parti"

    • Quiz: "un mio amico di..." e "dalle tue parti"

    • Le preposizioni con nomi e professioni.

    • Un uso particolare di “da”.

    • Quiz: nomi, professioni e punti di vista

    • Le preposizioni con i mezzi di trasporto.

    • Le preposizioni con i luoghi.

    • Quiz: mezzi di trasporto e luoghi

  • 4

    Le preposizioni per descrivere la posizione

    • La posizione: su, sopra, sotto, giù.

    • Quiz: sopra, sotto, su, giù

    • La preposizione articolata “su”+ “dare su-”.

    • Quiz: su e dare su

    • La posizione: tra-fra, in mezzo a, al centro di.

    • La posizione: un altro significato di tra e in mezzo

    • Quiz: tra /fra, in mezzo ...

    • La posizione: intorno a, attorno a, circondare.

    • Quiz: intorno, attorno, circondare

    • La posizione: davanti, di fronte a, nella parte anteriore.

    • La posizione: dietro, alle spalle di, nella parte posteriore, retro.

    • Quiz: davanti e dietro

    • La posizione: dentro, all’interno, fuori, all’esterno.

    • Quiz: dentro e fuori

    • La posizione: accanto a, di fianco a, a destra di, a sinistra di.

    • La posizione: vicino a, lontano-/distante da, in prossimità di.

    • Quiz: accanto, vicino e lontano

    • La distanza.

    • Oltre.

    • "In strada" o "per strada"?

    • Quiz: la distanza, oltre e in/per strada

    • Cosa avete imparato?

  • 5

    Le preposizioni che rispondono a "quando?"

    • Introduzione

    • Giorni, mesi, anni e stagioni

    • Quiz: giorni, mesi, anni e stagioni

    • Le parti del giorno e i pasti

    • L'ora

    • Orari approssimati

    • Quiz: le parti del giorno, i pasti, le ore e approssimare

    • Prima

    • Dopo

    • Quiz: prima e dopo

    • Alla fine, all'inizio e ... finalmente!

    • Quiz : inizio, fine e finalmente!

    • Tra e in

    • Da e per

    • Differenza tra in e per

    • Quiz: da, in, per, tra/fra

    • Un breve riepilogo

This course is for you if ...

  • You are passionate about the Italian language

    Whether you have been studying Italian for a short or long time, you will find the answers and explanations to your questions about the use of prepositions.

  • You are a detail oriented person

    If you like the idea of ​​perfecting your Italian, here you will find over 50 lessons in which I will show you situations, examples, and explanations to improve the fine details in your use of prepositions.

  • You want to speak confidently

    You will have the opportunity to review the video lessons on the topics that are most challenging for you as many times as you want. You will also be able to take quizzes to check your comprehension and put everything you have learned to the test.

What students have to say

Excellent course

by Paul

I'm doing this course at the moment, and it's excellent - really good quality tuition and good value! If you're studying Italian, I definitely recommend checking it out. You won't be sorry! 🇮🇹


by Sandro

Il corso è veramente ottimo e ben prodotto. Da raccomandare!

Well organized

by Chris


I live near Cagliari, in Sardinia.

I studied at the University of Cagliari where I obtained a Master’s degree in translation.

I immediately started teaching Italian as a foreign language, and in the years that followed, I have met people from all over the world and have taught students at every level, from elementary to advanced.

My courses are meticulously crafted to help students improve their level of Italian.


  • What do I find in the text?

    The course is entirely dedicated to Italian prepositions. You will find more than 50 lessons, as well as many quizzes and exercises.

  • What language is the course taught in?

    The course is taught in Italian.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    The purchase of this course will give you unlimited access to all present and future content of this course.

  • May I ask for a refund if I am not satisfied?

    Of course! If you let me know that you are not satisfied with my content within 15 days of purchase, the cost of the course will be fully refunded.

  • In addition to this course, do you also give individual lessons?

    Yes, I teach Italian to foreigners online via Skype and Hangouts. Visit my website https://youritalianteacher.net/ (link at the bottom of the page) for more details.